Pastor Williams On 6th Day of a Hunger Strike!

At noon on Friday, July 31st, Reverend Anthony Williams began a hunger strike to force the state of Illinois to recognize violence as a public health threat.

HR0433, a resolution on this issue passed last summer, yet no funds can be allocated without passage as a law or without an executive order.

Pastor Williams, who lost his son to violence, is now putting his own life on the line and calling on the legislature to turn his resolution into law or asking Governor Pritzker to sign an executive order declaring violence as a public health threat.  Greens are asked to call your representatives and the Governor’s office in support of Pastor Williams.  Pastor Williams would also like Greens to show up in support at the corner of 79th and Carpenter.

E-Petitions Are Available!

Go to

If you live the candidate’s district, you can send an e-signature in, to help get them on the ballot.  It’s that easy!

There are 4 candidates whose district runs through part of Cook County.


  • Larry Redmond for Congress (IL-1) – parts of Cook and Will Counties
  • Christopher Kruger for State Representative (IL-17) – parts of Cook County
  • Sameera Hussain for State Representative (IL-51) – parts of Cook and Lake Counties
  • Alia Sarfraz for State Representative (IL-52) – parts of Cook, Kane, Lake, and McHenry Counties


Cook County Green Party Stands With Peaceful Protests

Protestors stop traffic at the intersection of Cermak and Harlem 6/2/2020

The Cook County Green Party stands in solidarity with peaceful protesters and joins with them in condemning the horrific murder of George Floyd at the hands of police. We acknowledge the festering pain and rage that this killing brought to the surface and the vital need to vent and voice the unbearable frustration that little has changed.

We recognize civil disobedience as a powerful tool to gain attention and awareness, as well as to demand change in a criminal justice system that displays such remarkable injustice.

The Green Party does not condone any physical attacks on individuals nor looting and destruction of property. We believe that these actions distract from the goal of systemic change and divert attention away from the endless looting of Americans’ pockets done by such predators as Wall St., Big Banks, Pharmaceutical companies, the Prison Industrial Complex and the Military Industrial complex. Destruction of the commercial cornerstones of neighborhoods further victimizes the very population that is already suffering and it serves to magnify divisions, escalate the conflict, ripping holes in the very fabric of our communities.

The Green Party has long advocated for police reform. Our platform calls for establishing “elected or appointed independent civilian re-view boards with subpoena power to investigate complaints about prison guard and community police behavior.” We also believe that we need to demilitarize our police forces by restricting police use of weapons and “restraining techniques such as pepper spray, stun belts, tasers and choke holds.” These institutional changes must be implemented. But we also must “get tough” on the sources of crime. Money spent offering jobs, vocational and educational opportunities is the kind of investment that builds strong communities.

It is the job of elected officials to work for a better world, to work for progress in our neighborhoods, to keep their neighborhoods informed about any threats, and to bring about the reforms needed for a true sense of justice. If this is, as they say, the best democracy money can buy, we need to elect people who are not already bought and paid for by big business. We need to elect people who are not invested in the status quo, but who are truly invested in the promise that systemic change can bring.

Meet Green Party Presidential Candidate–Howie Hawkins!!

Howie Hawkins Meet & Greet in Oak Park, Illinois

Event Details

Meet the ORIGINAL Green New Dealer, Howie Hawkins and find out more about his 2020 run for President. Howie will talk about his plan for an Ecosocialist Green New Deal and his vision for real peace and prosperity for all. Learn more about how you can get involved!

The venue, Avenue Ale House, is located near the Blue Line at the Oak Park Stop.


(Saturday 3/14) 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm CDT


Avenue Ale House

825 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60304


Dario Hunter, Howie Hawkins and David Rolde, the 3 recognized Green Party Presidential candidates will hold a forum at 6pm during the Illinois Green

Party  State Meeting


WHERE:  THIRD UNITARIAN CHURCH, 301 N. MAYFIELD, CHICAGO, IL (just south of the Green Line Austin stop–free street parking)


Potluck dinner to follow.

ON THE AGENDA:  Election of delegates to the National Convention, Bylaws changes, planning for ballot

access, choosing a U.S. Senate candidate.

Hope you can join us.

Despite Rain, Snow, Sleet, and 50 MPH Winds—MWRD Petitions are Filed!

Our tireless Green Team filed 274 pages of signatures by the deadline of December 1st.

The voters of Cook County again will have another choice on the ballot and candidates who will raise issues you will never hear otherwise.

Thanks to all who participated in this effort!  Stay tuned for confirmation of ballot access!

Missed the ILGP State Meeting? No Worries!

Watch the panel on What is Eco-socialism? Rich Whitney, Chris Blankenhorn, Peter Sentz of Party of Socialism and Liberation

Ecosocialism Panel at the Illinois Green Party Fall Conference.

Posted by Illinois Green Party on Saturday, October 26, 2019


Panel: The Need for an Anti-Imperialist Peace Movement: Kevin Zeese, Karen Aram (AWAKE, Prairie Greens), Dr. Francis Boyle, UI law professor representing The Plowshares activists demonstrating at a Trident Missile site.

The Panel on The Need for an Anti-Imperialist Peace Movement is streaming now at the ILGP Fall Conference

Posted by Illinois Green Party on Saturday, October 26, 2019