Karen Roothaan for MWRD Board

For a 6-year term 

  • Endorsed by Chicago Sun-Times, 10-20-2016
  • Retired teacher from the City Colleges of Chicago
  • Master Degree in Mathematics from Brown University
  • Co-founder of two community vegetable gardens in southeast Chicago
  • Co-founder of “Trees R Beautiful” urban forestry for southeast Chicago: planting, protecting, and maintaining our urban forest

Green candidate for MWRD CommissionerKaren Roothaan resides in Chicago’s 10th Ward, where she is well-known for her work in starting two community gardens and an urban forestry group, Trees R Beautiful.

Karen is running for one of three open six-year-term seats on the MWRD Board of Commissioners. She earned more than 130,000 votes in her previous run for MWRD Board in 2014.

Retired from the City Colleges of Chicago, where she taught mathematics, Karen is a strong voice for environmental issues in her community and across Chicago: air quality, green space, and access to healthy food.

These interests have led Karen to attend frequently the public meetings of the MWRD Board over the past several years, in the course of which she has posed trenchant questions and followed up to insist on thorough answers.

As a Board member, Karen would be especially vigilant about issues of public safety for which MWRD is responsible, including their distributing of sewage end-products to community and school gardens for use as fertilizer – potentially a hazardous practice. She would also be a strong advocate for full budget transparency at MWRD, which has faced strong criticism in this area.

For more about Karen or to reach out to her, check out her Facebook page.

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