General Information

Cook County Green Party


The Cook County Green Party is an affiliated county chapter of the Illinois Green Party, and serves as the umbrella organization for Green Party organizing within Cook County.

Public Meetings

Cook County Green Party public meetings are held every other month on the first Monday of the month at 7pm, and are open to anyone with an interest in the Green Party. Meetings typically include a reports from Cook County local chapters on their activities and volunteer needs, a short informational presentation from a member or a guest, and open discussion time, as well as voting on any chapter issues. The next scheduled meeting for 2018 is:

Join us for the next meeting of the Cook County Greens!


When:  Monday August 5, 2019 at 6:00pm
Where:  The Pritzker Pavillion lawn, Millennium Park in Chicago, IL
Digital Address:    There will be no video/audio address this time.  We are mostly socializing!

On the Agenda:  (if you have other agenda items, email them)

    • national meeting
    • MWRD Candidates?
    • Discussion of tablings and parades
    • Ordinances/Initiatives to support
    Bring Refreshments to share and look for the Vote Green Party sign

Officers & Contact Information

If you are interested in volunteering with the Cook County Green Party or the Illinois Green Party in any form, please contact

The current officers of the Cook County Green Party are:


The Green Party does not accept contributions from for-profit corporations. Our only funding comes from individual, grassroots members like yourself. If you can make a contribution to the Cook County Green Party to help sustain our operations, please make out a check to the Cook County Green Party and mail it to:

                                                                        Cook County Green Party
                                                                        P.O.Box 891140
                                                                        Chicago, Illinois, 60608